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With priority on good cooperation 

Individuals & corporate accounts

The wide range of cars available, covering both the needs individuals and corporate accounts, plus... the auto leasing, a new service that now provide the DRIVE car rentals service!!!

Short term and Long term car rental - Leasing car

Thinking about the tax benefits of corporate clients, we move into fiscal framework that allows the maximum tax break.

On leases with or without option to purchase, directly related to that provided by the DRIVE car rentals "car leasing", experienced accountants of our company will provide their Tax knowledge, that suit for your company.

Regarding private customers, car hire is a simpler procedure based solely on usability and superior services.

Free delivery and collection at Athens airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"

Deliveries and collections at Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos" during the opening hours of the office are FREE of charge.

With a simple phone call - when you arrive - the chosen car will be in front of you, without unnecessary suffering and  DRIVE car rentals staff will serve you.

Upon request DRIVE car rentals located just outside the departure area, facilitating the customer without unnecessary colleque procedures, to deliver his car before leaving.

(For deliveries - collections from 20:00 to 09:00 hours or Sundays, there is an extra amount of 20)

Ability to pay in installments

The cooperation of DRIVE car rentals with Greek Banks created the possibility of paying your ammount in installments.

For more information, please contact us and DRIVE car rentals staff will inform you about this facility. 

Rental with GPS

DRIVE car rentals customers may rent a GPS from the company, instead of the amount of 10 € per day.

Breakdown nationwide

Because our goal is the seamless operation of our cars whether professional lease, whether for leisure rental, chose INTERAMERICAN assistance as roadside assistance, so that the customer feels SECURE any movement.

Something still very basic, is that any damage caused to the car DRIVE car rentals, if not immediately repaired, realize immediate replacement anywhere in Greece.

Accident Care of specialized partners

Another service we provide to our customers, is the simplified procedure and the safeguarding of their interests in the event of conflict, using ACCIDENT.

With a simple phone call, authorized partner of the Insurance Company is located in the incident and the record while taking and Accident Declaration by the client - tenant, a process that exempts him from any future action.

Possibility of full insurance when renting

With extra charge (depending on the car group), allows the customer to choose Full Insurance NO-free amount.

For the cost of this service, the employee of symvouleteite DRIVE car rentals.

Free supply chains and baby seats when requested

H provide child seats, and snow chains to interested customers, WITHOUT CHARGE, contributing in this way to minimize the car rental cost.

Simply, register on booking ...

Add a second driver, free of charge

Consistently follow our policy to reduce rental costs and lead in adding a second driver, FREE!!!!

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