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News and Announcements


DRIVE car rentals authorized sponsor for movements Ziria Cross Country Race 2015!

Every year, we are faced with a new challenge.
To support the movement of the organizers and the targets of highly demanding race Ziria Cross Country Race (, which tends to establish itself as the toughest mountain race in Greece.
DRIVE car rentals staff, accepts the challenge and gives the baton to the mountain and the inaccessible passes of it!
We would like to wish good luck to the Organizing Committee of the race and good preparation to athletes who will participate in this demanding race that will take place once again in Korinthia, in Feneos centered square Gkoura, at 31st of May 2015!!!
DRIVE car rentals

New cars in the fleet DRIVE car rentals - Car rentals

The company DRIVE car rentals - Car Rentals proceeded to the purchase of new cars and automatic cars cabrio, in order to meet the needs and requirements of its customers.

See the fleet we look for the values ​​us and now the booking you.

Another race Ziria Sky Race come to an end!

The organizing committee received kolakeftikotata comments ... 
Athletes, eager for Ziria Sky Race 2015 ... 
DRIVE car rentals - Car Rentals ( ) was there ... to support a lovely effort !!! 
And time ... !!! 

{slider=And this year DRIVE car rentals, travel sponsor ZIRIA SKYRACE 2014}

The Greek company car rental, DRIVE Car Rentals ( ), has undertaken this year sponsored by the movement of the organizing committee of the race ZIRIA SKYRACE 2014 to be held in Korinthia to support an effort to elevate the sporting ideal and promotes love in the Greek nature.

Good luck in committee, and participants!

Transfer of DRIVE car rentals in new modern facilities

We would like to inform our customers that our company DRIVE car rentals - Car rental ( ), moved and is now active on the street King Constantine 17 Vari (as before), modern facilities and convenient parking.

Come experience our new site !!! 

The DRIVE car rentals and DRAG DAY of Greek!!!

Greek DRAG DAY 8 & 9 February 2014 !!! 

The DRIVE car rentals - Car Rentals ( ), always on the side of the bike and rider, is pleased to announce its participation in the Greek DRAG DAY, by supporting the Grhgorhs Ergun and SUZUKI GSXR 1000c.c of !!!

Good luck and good Grhgorhs accelerator !!!

Conducted the struggle Ziria Garmin Sky Race...

... Sunday, June 2, 2013, in the green parts of the mountainous Corinth with great participation of athletes from all over Greece!

The organization won highly praise from all participants.

Congratulations to the athletes, the organizing committee and those who contributed to the success of the race! 

DRIVE car rentals - sponsor struggle movement

Arrival of new cars in DRIVE car rentals

The company DRIVE car rentals, within the coverage of both the mobility needs within the city, and the expansion of the "experts" leases designed entertainment along with the transfer, in 2013 went to car market type SMART, like BMW cabrio.

DRIVE car rentals sponsor moves Ziria Cross Country Race!!!

We are pleased to announce that a while ago our company in consultation with the Organizing Committee of the match Ziria Cross Country Race ( ), has agreed to take over as travel sponsor of the race to be held on June 2, 2013! !!

We would like to wish good luck to the Organizing Committee of the match and good preparation for athletes who will participate in this demanding race !!!

The DRIVE car rentals travel partner in the method seminars "TACHYON"!!!

The DRIVE car rentals, in collaboration with the seminar organizers "TACHYON" ( ) that occur every year in our country, undertook to contribute to their success by providing special rates for participants, as the exclusive travel partner!

We wish them good luck ...

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